I was talking to a woman who knows me professionally. She has a few pounds to lose, and was telling me she feels she’s lost jobs because of her “stature and size.” I never thought of her as overly heavy and told her so. Our discussion eventually touched on my obesity when I said, “You knew me back when I was at my heaviest. I was BIG.”

She asked what prompted me to “take the plunge” and I gave her my usual answer of being tired of being out of shape, unhappy with my body, and painful knees.

She said, “Yeah, well, I can’t afford gastric bypass,” with the implication that I’d had it.

When I told her that it was through Weight Watchers and exercise she seemed surprised–not at the success of method, but that it hadn’t been a surgical procedure.

I still have 30 more pounds to lose. Sure, I’d love a magic pill/procedure/fairy dust to take it off instantly…but there’s nothing out there that will instantly change my behavior, habits and thought patterns.

Because of that, I’ll keep plugging away at it my own way. No bypass, no pills, no fairy dust.