Two weeks ago tonight I decided not to eat again for 20 hours. I was going to weigh in at 5:45pm the next day, and I was determined to get my star for losing 90 pounds.

Long story short, I did eat but it didn’t matter because I was a pound and a half away, anyway.

I was so despondent about not getting that stupid sticker that I stopped tracking and started eating…whatever. Ate lots. I was walking up the stairs, stumbled, and turned around and threw myself down the stairs instead.

For people who have been morbidly obese, the weight loss journey is a long, slow hike. There’s ups and downs. That re-mapping, re-learning of how to eat, and how much, is a slow one. Because lots of times, we’re not eating because we’re hungry. We’re eating for fun.

Up next…how to replace what we do for fun.