Size 18 LBD 2009

On Christmas Eve my husband sent me on a Christmas shopping trip. I think it was partly because I’d whined so much the evening prior because the dress I’d planned to wear Christmas Day is now too big. It’s a size 18. I squeezed myself into it Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009; now it hangs on me like a sack.

I went to Macy’s without much optimism; when I’d gone on December 8th looking for a dress, every one I liked looked awful on me.

This time I brought four-year old Ringo with me. I found a good replacement for the black dress right away–a simple wool Calvin Klein. The only problem it was a 14 and I’m a 16. After the success of my measurements last week, I thought, “Why not see how far away from 14 you are?”

So, laden down with eight dresses in two different sizes, plus the Calvin Klein, Ringo and I set off to the changing room.

It took a long time to try on all the dresses, but I knew right away that was was getting more than one. They all fit–all the 14s! Maybe Ringo was my lucky charm?

Size 14 Christmas 2011

Anyone who has been fat–really fat–for a long time understands that seeing “normal” sizes looming on the horizon is a big deal. I’m in a 14 now…by late winter I hope to see a 12 on my clothing tags. Did I mention I also bought a t-shirt, with a tag that says “Large”?

Losing slowly but surely