When I’d lost about 50 pounds I tried Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred. I thought I would die just from doing the jumping jacks. I wouldn’t do it in front of my husband, because I knew I looked pathetic.

Eventually, I got comfortable enough to do it in front of him, and he joined me. For a few months we got up early and jumped around to “the mean lady.”

It was still not easy, but certainly easier after working at it on and off for a year. We stuck to the Beginner level, and I used 3-pound weights; he used 8-pound weights.

As things like this do, our early morning dates with Jillian dwindled off. And then, I joined the gym and started working with Trainer Paul.

I couldn’t go to the gym on Tuesday night, but decided to try out Jillian’s Advanced level, using the 8-pound weights. I didn’t know how I’d do. Would I pass out? Would I persevere?

My husband wandered in and sat down about a third of the way into the workout. At the end I was sweaty, a little shaky, and happy. I rocked those exercises. My husband looked at me and said with a smile, “Wow–you looked really good!” and later on, he commented on the fact that my upper arms and shoulders are noticeably toned and muscular.

That’s definitely not something THIS person could have said!

Fat (Six Years Ago)