Yesterday I had an epiphany. You know the kind–you stop what you’re doing and think, I need to write about that right now. In my journal. On my blog. On my Weight Watchers message board. Any where before I forget it.

Well, I didn’t. And I forgot it.

The good news is, I do know why I went crazy for four days eating sugar and carbs and all sorts of things that I had been able to control myself from gobbling (Taco Bell bean burritos, for one). It’s that time.

Hopefully you’ll excuse me for oversharing. But I’ve never had a hormonally-driven binge, at least, not that I was aware. And had I realized that was what was going on, I probably might have been able to deal with it a lot better. How? I don’t know. Doesn’t Midol make a pill for that?

As for the epiphany? I just remembered. Someone on the 100+ Pounds to Lose Weight Watchers Board “What was the best thing you ate this weekend?”

I thought and thought, and realized that none of it was that wonderful. The french fries. The cookies. The popcorn. The best thing I ate happened to be the healthiest: a simple honeycrisp apple.

Epiphany: enjoy simple, fresh food. It’s better for you and in the long run, will may be more memorable.