First, I strained my neck muscles.

Then, a horrible strain of strep throat felled me for a week.

A week to get back on my feet, physically.

Now I’m finally working all my muscles and trying to run a bit again. Oh, it’s hard. And cooking healthy is hard, because I’m terribly behind at work and at the gym, and I seem to need more sleep, and…I’ve been very selfish with my time.

I’m working seven-hour days at work, max. I’m not cooking dinner for the family and eating most of my meals in the car on my commutes. I go to the gym and just do what I can. And then I get up, and repeat.

So how’s it all going? With all the set-backs, I anticipated maintenance, at best. However….

Today I hit 85 pounds at weigh-in. Actually, 86.2 pounds, total.

I’m in between sizes for many of the clothes I try on. Some size 16s fit great. But some are a little too big. Yesterday, as I ran sprints on the treadmill, my XL pants kept falling down, over and over and over. As I repeatedly tug them up, risking injury and falling down and massive embarrassment, I realized I needed new pants, but knew a size large would be too small.

I’ve got to work very very hard to get out of these XLs and into Ls. From 16s into 14s.

These are sizes I haven’t seen since 10th grade, when a boy told me, “You’re beautiful, from the neck up.”

I can’t wait! Click here for the latest transformation pictures…

October 22, 2011