Have you ever gotten injured working out? Running a race? Hiking? Playing a game? Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you get injured. A twisted ankle. A pulled hamstring. A wrenched knee.

What do you do? Do you push through it? Certainly, you never see Sydney Bristow icing down, popping pain pills, crawling into her bed for a week.

Last Thursday I was learning my week’s routine with Trainer Paul. We’d moved out of stabilization exercises, into strength. I was showing good progress. We moved to the assisted pull-up machine, where I saw that I was set to do pull-ups with approximately 85 pounds. I couldn’t even do pull-ups when I was 85 pounds, so why I thought I could do them when I’m just starting out, I don’t know.

I strained. I grunted. I grit my teeth. I could tell by pull-up four Trainer Paul was helping me. I thought about saying I couldn’t do it, but I knew Sydney wouldn’t do that. Keep trying. And then, it happened.

Instant blinding headache at the back of my head, where my skull and spine meet.

Worst headache of my life, which is saying a lot for someone who gets migraines.

I muddled through the last three or four pull-ups and nearly fell off the machine when I was done. After I told Paul what was going on, I thought he’d say, “Oh, that’s pretty common. You…[insert injury here].” Instead, the look in his eyes was, “Oh, crap. What just happened.”

We moved on to the rest of the work out, headache subsiding but not going away. And it didn’t go away, not completely, for the days following. It moved around my head. Sometimes it was dull. Sometimes it throbbed. Sometimes it was all over and sometimes localized in one place.

Was it a ruptured aneurism? Well, I didn’t die in my sleep overnight. Was it a spinal injury? Was it a tumor?

I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday. Diagnoses: extreme muscle strain in my neck. Cause: Muscles not warmed up enough, doing too much, too fast. Prognosis: good. Treatment: 1,800 mg ibuprofren throughout the day, applied warmth, gentle stretching. A glass of wine the first night as a muscle relaxant. No upper body work for at least a week, and then ease into it gently.

The workout this week? Abs and legs. Crunches and lunges. Lots of lunges. They’re like vertical planks. Grrr.

And, I’ll have to cut back  on calories. I’ve eeked up on the scale this week, instead of eeking down. Have you been injured while in the midst of weight loss? Here’s a good article on what to do and how to deal with the mental part.