This weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday. I celebrated by consuming. I had gotten within half a pound of having lost 80 pounds, and instead of staying on track, I decided I didn’t need to. What I had wasn’t a lot for what I used to eat, but it was a lot of the wrong things for what I eat now. Over two days I consumed:

8-oz NY Strip Steak
1/2 pound of asparagus
Apple pie with real vanilla ice cream
French fries with two chicken McNuggets
Two plates of not-great buffet food (we were at the racetrack, all day and I got a little restless)
Two plates of very decadent buffet pies and cake
Two bloody marys and too much wine

As I was consuming I was thinking only of the moment. Only of what was in front of me. Steak and asparagus is healthy! Two chicken nuggets won’t tip the scale! A bloody mary is mostly tomato juice and I’ll eat the celery too! But add it all up, and it was the equivalent of five days’ worth of calories…in just two.

The results showed on the scale. And now, instead of getting to celebrate losing 80 pounds this week, I’m learning my lesson about building my willpower muscle.

I hadn’t thought about willpower being a muscle I need to build and strengthen like my biceps or glutes. But now I realize it’s my biggest, weakest muscle, and it needs extra attention.

What exercises do you perform to build your willpower muscle?