I fell asleep last night ruing the two large restaurant meals I’d had over the weekend, and the lack of exercise on Sunday.

Large meals:

Greek restaurant–gyro sandwich with a meze platter for starters (shared, of course)
Vietnamese place–large bowl of pho with a summer roll for starters (gobbled up and not shared with anyone)

Add to this a small bag of buttered popcorn and some licorice at the movies Saturday….

No wonder my scale groaned this morning, gave me a number that was six pounds more than the one I saw before the madness began, and lumbered in a loud, deep voice, “That’s OBESE.”

This morning I make amends.

Breakfast consists of low-fat milk, raspberries, and a mixture of Shredded Wheat, Arrowhead Mill’s Puffed Kamut, and Uncle Sam’s Wheatberry flakes and flaxseed.

I do feel very puritan with my Uncle Sam’s. Little cardboard flakes and whole flaxseeds, in a wholesome red, white and blue box.

Surely, this is the type of cereal Sydney Bristow would eat, isn’t it?