Tonight I met Paul the Trainer for my first real training. I’d considered doing cardio first, but thought that maybe I might want to be at my best so I could show him how strong I was, and how he could start giving me more exercises, and harder exercises. I’d seen what he had planned for me, and other than push-ups on a stability ball (what?!) I thought I could really handle a lot more. After all, I’ve been working with the weight machines for twelve days. My muscles have been sore the whole time and I’ve increased the weight each time. I was really ready to impress.

In other words, I was due for a comeuppance.

We started with calf rolls and some stretches. No problem. And then, I was given a plank with a leg raise.

It looked so easy when he did it. And look at her. Look at how she just floats above the ground, her leg effortlessly drifting upwards.

My arms burned. My stomach clenched. I could barely lift myself off the ground, much less lift a leg once I was up. Having to do 12 of these, twice, nearly killed me.

We did a cobra lift and a hip rotation, and other than my funny hip popping out of place and wierding out Paul the Trainer, all was fine. And then, I was given these:

Yes, the dreaded push-up.

I’ve done “girl” push-ups at home, but not recently, and never more than 10 at a time. It showed. I could barely finish 10, hardly getting halfway to the ground. Getting to 12 was very, very hard.

More exercises involving free weights and balls and squats followed. And then, we were done. For a few minutes I thought about going to do some cardio for a bit on a treadmill. But suddenly I felt slightly nauseous and light-headed. I made it down the stairs to the locker room without falling down. I got some water and collected my kid out of the Kids Club without passing out. In the car I thought I might throw up, but I wasn’t sure. This was a feeling I’ve not experienced. I didn’t like it.

This training stuff isn’t going to be easy. Am I going to have the personal strength to actually do this?