Tonight I signed the paperwork to have a trainer twice a month. My plan is this will keep me accountable and showing up.

My trainer’s name is Paul. He just moved here three weeks ago from Ohio and is about 24 years old and as sweet and earnest as you can imagine a 24-year old new to California would be.

I think we were both mortified to have to take my measurements:

Weight? 196
BMI? 30.5 “That’s obese!” cheerfully proclaims my Wii.
Chest: 42″ (in sports bra)
Abdomen: 44″ (at belly button, *not* my waist)
Hips: 47.5″ (at widest part of butt)
Upper arm: 13″
Forearm: 9.5″
Thigh: 22″

He also measured neck (13.5″) and calf. Since I was wearing pants I’m not including my calf in this progress check.

As he stretched his arms wide to accommodate my girth all I could wonder was, how awful would it have been 75 pounds ago?