After a false-start yesterday in which I took Ringo (my four-year old bruiser) to the club closest to me only to learn they don’t have a “Kids Club” after noon on Saturdays, or at all on Sundays, we made it to the gym.

I like it.

This In-Shape facility is new and everyone seems happy. It’s big. It’s clean. And Ringo absolutely adores the Kids Club, which means I can’t fall back on needing to watch him as an excuse not to go–not when the kids section stays open until 9pm during the week.

I need to build muscle. My plan is to do a 20-minute cardio warmup followed by working on the weight machines, three times a week.

Today I got on the treadmill in the “Cardio theater” and stayed on for only 15 minutes. I was too excited about the weight machines to do that boring cardio stuff. After I stopped walking my legs were rubbery and it felt like the floor was moving below me.

Off to the weight machines.

Did I mention that no one’s required to run through the machines with you first? I had a bit of an idea of what I was doing, but thank god for the pictures and instructions clearly posted on each machine. I watched a lot of people, too, to see what they were doing and how they were adjusting machines.

Today I worked on arms and shoulders. Especially my triceps. A few hours later and they are already sore.

Sydney Bristow has great arms. Will my “bat wings” go away if I work extra hard on that area?