I fall down a lot. I’ll be running to a meeting, already late, everyone’s in the room–I’m at the door, and wham! I fly into the room. Face first. Luckily, I do it so much I can usually bounce right up with a smile and say, “I’m okay! Don’t worry about me.”

Business meetings don’t go so well when started by an obese 40-year-old-business-woman projectile. No one wants to see that. There’s embarrassment all around.

You know what would be great? If, as I began to fall, I could throw myself into a somersault instead.

Or maybe, not fall at all.

But, being fat, and a klutz, I’m prone to tripping, falling, stumbling, and looking like a giant boob. I would love to have the confidence and easy grace of Sydney Bristow, Jennifer Gardner’s athletic, tough character on Alias. She boxes, throws roundhouse kicks, can run flat out for ten minutes, rappel down walls, jump out of airplanes…well, I can stay on the planes.

I’ve got one problem. Okay, two. I’m fat. And I’ve never been athletic. Or even slightly interested in physical fitness. I was involved in sports in junior high–field hockey, track, and cheerleading. But I wasn’t very good at any of them, and coaches only liked enthusiasm when it resulted in winning. By senior year I was on the B-squad of the physically taxing badminton team. In college the most exercise I got was on the dance floor Friday nights. And after graduation, I got a really comfortable couch….

So, on the near-eve of my 41st birthday, I’m taking action.

I’ve joined a gym.

The question is, will I prevail? Or will this wanna-be Sydney Bristow end up just watching Alias reruns on her old, comfy couch and calling it a day?